Premium quality 3 lb Package Bees with mated Queen from Northern California. Log In. New Waverly, TX. Many breeds. The Source for Premium-Quality Package Bees We raise premium-quality package bees and distribute them to partners across North America in trucks specially equipped to keep them cool and happy. It's always best to learn how to keep bees and raise your own bee farm. ABOUT US. [CDATA[ Please contact me for shipping prices. Bees for Sale – Package Bees for Sale – On Sale Now for 2021. • 5 Deep frames covered in young bees. We also provide a 4 payment - payment plan for all 3 of our kits. Price: $38.00 We are not selling packages of bees for 2021. The shipping price depends on your location. £40; High quality mated local queen bees ready from May. Our bee packages are grown here in Georgia. December 2020 Special Purchase Honey Bees for Spring 2021 pick up at 2020 Prices. PRODUCTS. To order Nucs and Queens send an email to and […] Honey bees are pollinators, so where there are bees a-plenty, there are thriving plants producing healthy fruits and vegetables. We ship to the Lower 48 States! Bees for Sale. This listing is for a 2021 package of Gentle Stock Bees. We have QUEENS available and are taking orders. Starting beekeeping. Buy your 2 pound and 3 pound packages of Iowa bees for sale or your 5 frame honeybee nucs from Lappe's Bee Supply! Nucs are on sale for 2021 Pickup Nucs are planned to be ready for pickup late April and May 2021. With Lappe's Bee Supply, you can be confident that you are getting the best bees and beekeeping supplies around! Package bees come with a mated queen and include approximately 10-12,000 bees. It's up to you! A 3# package of live bees ships in a screened/ventilated box. Bees. 3 (2) was save . (For a few more dollars, you will be able to find the Queen easily, saving time and trouble.) Saskatraz package bees for sale with mated and laying Saskatraz queen, 3 pound package. Sometimes it’s the smell – bees are very sensitive to smells even those you are not aware of as you’ll soon discover. Zones 6-8 cannot be shipped by U.S.P.S. Order Now. SHIPPING CA, Orange County. Our bee packages are grown here in Georgia. If you are searching for where to buy honey bees for sale near me, or buy honey bees online, Lappe's Bee Supply is your answer! 3 lb. Please contact us for details; View Cart . 12/1/2020: We are taking pre-orders for three pound bee packages. Price: $210.00 Queens will be available May though August. Buy Nucs from us to ensure your hive is as successful as it can be! The queen bee is a mated queen. Package Bees, … Kinlochruel, Colintraive, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. by Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB). We provide quality live bees that can help you jumpstart your hive or colony. for 2020 package bees If you are interested in ordering our 2020 3 lbs. Pick up will be sometime around the end of the week of 4/18/20 due to trucking delays from Covid-19. Our queen breeder colonies are selected based on a high yield of honey production, brood, and a quick spring build-up. The Saskatraz project was initiated in 2004 with the intent of establishing a genetically diverse gene pool to breed for honey production, mite tolerance and resistance to brood diseases. What I did not know before bottling is that in order to sell your honey, it needs to be properly labeled according to federal, state and local specifications. Carniolan Packages for April 2020- **Update as of 4/15/20 we are sold out of packages. Package & Packaged Bees for Sale in Wisconsin. Looking for mated hygienic Italian Hybrid, Carniolan or Saskatraz queen honey bees for sale for queening your beehive in your apiary with, or to make your splits with? Packaged bees CANNOT be shipped. Zone 5 would be shipped at your own risk. SHOP BEES NOW . Discounts can be given for orders of 10 packages or more, please contact us for a custom quote. The bee package includes a screen box, sugar water container, approx. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. Heritage Bee Farm Queens are naturally open mated and arrive ready to begin laying eggs in your colony. The snow is mostly gone, and the lakes are thawing. Packages of Bees For Sale. We offer for sale honey bee’s in central Indiana. Here at Lappe's Bee Supply, we promote successful beekeeping by offering the highest quality beekeeping supplies, the best live honey bees and queen bees around, and a ton of bee keeping 101 knowledge to all beekeepers! // ]]>. These strong and healthy honey bees come from our amazing bee supplier with a reputation of gentle and productive colonies. Weather permitting, the bee packages will tentatively be … We are proud to offer quality packaged bees for sale and beekeeping supplies to beekeepers in Wisconsin and throughout the 50 states. These Bees & Queens are known for their Rapid Spring Build Up, Honey Production, and are very Gentle to work with. Package bees will at times abscond, abandon the gorgeous new home that you have provided them. Our packages contain approximately three pounds of gentle, Italian honey bees and a naturally mated Italian queen! Please remember that a Queen Bee Package is 1 Queen Bee and 4-6 worker bees … For over 20 years Bee Well Honey has been the trusted packaged bees supplier. Queens $35 Queens $35 (1-9), $30 (10-24), $28 (25 or more) Queens are available May-September. Bigger the cage = larger population of bees. Our quality package bees are available for local pickup or delivery and feature various bee types. 3 Lbs Package Of Bees With Mated Queen Will Go On Sale January 1, 2020. Even though it is probably painted really fancy and looks like the perfect beehive, like you see in the magazines. Populate your hive with this quick-ship 3-lb package of Harvest Lane Honey BEESCA-101 Live Carniolan Honey Bees. Learn about how we are dealing with COVID-19 |, Save Up To 33% on Select Products During Our Bee Buck$ Blast. The Saskatraz project was initiated in 2004 with the intent of establishing a genetically diverse gene pool to breed for honey production, mite tolerance and resistance to brood diseases. VIDEOS. If selecting a started package be sure to select a frame size “deep or medium”. //

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