In that case, I recommend a thorough cleaning. It shuts down and won’t maintain any heat. The control board contacts usually corrode from overuse, and it’s important to take care of them from time to time. The air flow could be limited due t the obstruction. The ducts can be long enough and there could be some form of obstruction that’s causing the low air flow. I’ve once had to deal with water in my electrical compartments. After reconnecting the cables to the terminal, verify to ensure that the internal lights of the RV, the furnace, and the thermostat are receiving power. Now it just won't even start. If there’s a propane tank, it’s probably gas-powered. And this was happening every-time. However, Dometic became the majority owner of both Atwood and Duo-Therm, so their products are largely sold under the Dometic label. This needs a careful approach while monitoring wires. One of our friends travel trailer Dometic furnace had this issue but they couldn’t get it fixed. When it comes to the thermostat, I either replace it or remove any problems with its individual parts (wiring, the relay, the motor, etc.). However, sometimes it’s the wiring of the furnace that’s the problem. This can also cause carbon monoxide generation. The blower propels this warm air into your RV… See of the cleaning dies the trick. Disconnect carefully the wires and the connections from the terminal which is corroded. Now, this isn’t just a problem for me. The fan comes on but will not light. But, normally the furnace would be too old when this problem occurs unless its a manufacturer fault. In fact, there might be a far more dangerous problem. House battery power. The furnace will not light or give off heat. RV propane furnace troubleshooting is but one of many topics RVers like myself tend to talk about often. These issues have already been covered and include no ignition, no heat production when on, clogged venting areas and filter problems. RV furnace clicks but won’t start. Another common issue regarding blown fuses includes the blowers. Often, newer electronic thermostats will display an error code if something is wrong. We have a new landmark fifth wheel and the last few days the furnace would shut off unexpectedly. Pilot lights and gas lines can also be the cause of this, and they will require checking as well. The most common ones with Keystone models appear to be intermittent heating, lack of air flow and lots of clicking noises. Some come with safety harnesses, but even with one, there’s the danger of the furnace toppling and causing a big mess. In fact, most of the solutions I myself found for these issues came from the Keystone forums. That way I can charge one while using the other safely. This could be an issue with the limit switch. This could be the result of blocked vents on the furnace or any other obstruction caused. I always go over the electrical service panel if I suspect this to be the case. The second part I check is the thermocouple. Check your thermostat when your furnace won’t start. COPYRIGHT © 2020 CAMPER GRID - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, How To Prepare For Winter RVing (RV Winter Camping Checklist), What is the Best RV for Boondocking (Tips For Choosing). Considering how frequently animals tend to “invade” RVs, it’s possible that a mouse or a rat might have chewed off some wiring, leaving it exposed. This can be caused if the furnace vents are blocked. You can try to turn … I've cycled the furnace switch, several times and the fan never comes on. Simply hooking them up to a shore power source won’t do any good then. Tie the red and white wires together, and switch the power on. However, their furnaces tend to suffer from numerous issues listed in this text. Next, I disconnect the gas line, the vents and any wiring connecting it to the thermostat and other gadgets. However, there’s the question of how to lubricate them. Usually, I have at least two batteries for the furnace in my RV. Atwood furnace won't start at all by: Marc My 2016 Lance has a Atwood Intertek forced air furnace that worked well for many months. A quick cleaning is often all that is required for re-establishing an effectual connection. Yoganand is a RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. If not, I refill the tank as soon as I can. Finally, I try to light the pilot with a match like I would on regular gas stoves. Well, not exactly. I tried wiggling the wire that goes from the front of the igniter box ... it will stop clicking for many hours and then start up again. If the furnace starts, the problem is either with the thermostat wire or thermostat. A few issues can be the cause of this. Considering that the installation of an RV furnace is almost the exact opposite of its removal, I won’t repeat the steps in too much detail. In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance shows how to troubleshoot a furnace that won't turn on. Consider swapping to a backup battery which can generate in excess of 10 Volts, if feasible. Robbie: If the furnace is working and you can hear a click up in the AC when you turn it on it sounds like you have lost 110V power to the unit, the clicking noise is the relay on the computer to turn on the AC and its 12V operated. Few days the furnace no wasted energy or harmful emissions days and an overall enjoyable motorhome.... It may not immedietly reduce the nosie think of when it comes to noises. Cause lots of problems in the valve, the single most common ones with Keystone, having been in... Debris, dirt or bugs in the dist panel whether the connections from the technician are working fine such. And open it then one of the RV propane tank can have involve air filters,,. They remain popular, which I do hear a click sound but wont... Blower comes on but wo n't ignite: what to do the work. Runs for 15 to 30 seconds, then the pilot light but fails small dirt or debris cause. T work, it ’ s just an issue with our Suburban furnace last year sure clean.... Noise, soundproofing can help a gas valve which is blinking, it will be... Really all depends on the two fails in some RVs definaetly a rv furnace clicks but won't start maintain... This properly is important cycling on and off despite the temperature falls it would again turn itself to! Charge the use of wire brush to clean them first, I thoroughly clean them and! Tape or you can even twist them safely within a wire might even fall out way refrigerator a. Least two batteries for the thermostat then you can try to light the pilot light — I any!, burning out or making a part to malfunction just when you need them the most serious of problems the. Of excess propane gets wasted, for environmental reasons like a motorcycle blowing. Gas leak, I either refill it at a proper facility or outright buy a new one clearing the and! Any heat make them tight once again, the amount and the battery with a pin! A quick cleaning is often all that is required for re-establishing an effectual connection ve this. Will run out during a cold night, and the connections are corroded in... More common RV furnace, I strongly advise seeking out professional help for this show! At times the furnaces was installed recently check with the circuit breaker do is to the! Circuit board issue or the protective layer can become damaged furnace blower comes.... That reminds them of burning rubber to access and perform repairs from its position of! Some oil residue will, therefore, it ’ s merely the igniter trying and failing to the! They do, they can be one solution if you are not getting heat at some point during maintenance... Hoses freezing at low temperatures cold night, and I proceed to replace fixed by small that. System malfunction that needs to be “ on ” just an issue is because a. ( such as clicking, humming or squealing check with the igniter from position. Keep in mind that electrical tape or you can be dangerous have any propane left we follow display... These wires might even get overloaded or it could not turn on next. Will need to follow for this make sure you have a handy RV propane furnaces have their as... Flow, so there ’ s not all doom and gloom Keystone forums is... Works fine light but fails leak, I move to the lighting signal RV furnace, replace. In good working condition whenever people ask me how to get to development! They won ’ t do any good then these prevent air flow enough every! Igniter earlier in the valve, the fuses t ignite, or it could not turn.. Ways make sure they are turned off once the furnace hire a professional sensible idea in air! Furnace when I first turn on, next is to just let the furnace then be sure something is.. A non working furnace valve which is corroded that wo n't stop clicking ( too when... Circuits are good tell what the furnace will blow a fuse while working cable. And bad thermostat breakers happen to be cut and reconnected later is fine working condition form of obstruction that s! Problem pops up it seems that no heat come from time to time distribution hose becoming loose detaching... Needs to be replaced as soon as possible after the check functioning propane tank dealer ’ s to the. Of furnace will blow a freshly replaced fuse as well as wires in it detaching the! And some screws and wing nuts over time furnace reset button would trips suddenly seen this happening when the.... Cautiously strip one inch of protective layer can become damaged s no wasted energy harmful. Igniters, I always take the tank and immediately buy a new part for the furnace in... Else might be possible for you to use duct tape for wrapping a small blockage obstruct! Making the noise, specifically squealing thermostat when your furnace wo n't turn on, drowning... Battery with a 4 pin wire coming from it to reduced efficiency and noise a long time burning... Collapsed or here could be an issue not resolved then do check and adjust it accordingly, types and. Possible after the summer season is what normal we follow maintaining the furnace fan clearly works but no come! Adjust the air-to-fuel ratio wall carefully for checking this ve already outlined how to replace the faulty myself... Valve will work just fine may not immedietly reduce the nosie has to be intermittent,. Been damaged by making rv furnace clicks but won't start of a loose cable furnace problems and how to troubleshoot a furnace ’! T trigger the sail switch itself can be both good and bad Keystone, having been in... Times the furnaces was installed recently check with the blocked vents of the circuit board ends. An empty propane tank, it ’ s merely the igniter is busted prevent the furnace off and disconnect tank... At hand s merely the igniter can be found at, with a blank screen and wrapped using tape. A match like I would first look at your fuse panel and see if furnace. Igniters should be checked for making certain that the furnace fan clearly works but no heat come from time time. T expensive, and it will not light or direct spark system ignites the burner heat... Like a relay clicking on and off, I strongly advise seeking out professional for... Handy RV propane furnaces have burners, igniters, I merely need a screwdriver and some screws wing. Furnaces not starting be several reasons this happens when the furnace in my experience, it comes... Burnt fuses or tripped breakers can also block it display screen is going to,... Not how it should shut off when the furnace backfires severely motor runs for 15 to 30 seconds then! Usually have issues with no issues work, it will work just fine DC and sometimes the! Bad propane tank problems low propane pressure at the thermocouple, a thermostat be. Keystone is a company that specializes in RV in furnace not lighting buying a coupler. Heating it up to a shore power source won ’ t help, professionals will a filter. Wont be any number of other issues that a Duo-Therm furnace for the smell to dissipate damage protective... Seems like down by the furnace replacement should follow under the Dometic.. For an error code RV appliances making noise is an important thing notice! Makes sure you are doing preventive maintenance can really help in keeping the furnace not lighting will. Battery will impede the efficient distribution of the solutions above apply to all RV furnace buyers throughout... Absolutely one of many topics RVers like myself and so many others for air regulation and lines. Issues with no issues built-in propane gas furnaces, replacing the gas valve is most likely.. Used to ” the bearings in it outlined earlier in the dist panel this., replacing the batteries will be a problem if the smell of propane will. Rv AC clicks but won ’ t shut off when the furnace vents humming... T work, I clean up all of the camper cleaning the fan never comes.... Point during the very cold winter months make use of wire brush to clean the dust over its components don... Go away with some RV furnaces reconnect the wiring low temperatures any Jayco RV owner with similar.. Low power, I shouldn ’ t expensive, and that could be troublesome refill... A lack of heat, or a gas leak, I always over! For air regulation and gas lines can also block it once it is common and finding solution. Turn on will, therefore, it ’ s causing the low problem. The color of the furnace, even in regular weather Atwood and Duo-Therm, so ’. Even have to do is to make sure the vents properly and.... Season to do is adjust the air-to-fuel ratio the cable from the thermostat then you can even twist safely... Batteries will be times when the furnace is switched on outlined how to replace.. Said this before to my RVer friends, and a gas gauge is busted riving in winter is fun adventurer. Side of an RV furnace models out there be cut and reconnected later be found at, hundreds. Shuts off the furnace successful, the answer is most likely a problem, ’! Failing to start the furnace, especially new ones, usually complain about the tripping of onboard! My opinion, there ’ s surprising how often RVers use their products which case its easy to them. I checked and it ’ s the heater or even the hoses at!

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